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Brand: SST

Model: ACT-1

Dimension: 914mm×635mm×760mm

Material: The main structure of the table is made up of high-quality melamine board. The casing and base of the monitor lifting mechanism is made up of MDF for structural rigidity.

Colour: Customizable. 

Description: The purpose of the automated transformable table is based on the multipurpose use. The construction of the table is divided into two portions. The main table structure is made up of high-quality Melamine board. However, the structure for up-down mechanism of the PC monitor is composed of MDF board. 

To make the up-down mechanism working, non-magnetic chrome polished stainless-steel cylindrical rail guide is used. To support the rail guide, high quality Aluminum based is used. To drive the monitor up and down, cylindrical lead screw is used with high torque high RPM industrial grade motor. To make the system work, industrial grade ARM Cortex microcontroller processor is introduced in the table’s electronic architecture. The table has an auto on off switch which allows the user to select the table mode whether it is to be a PC desk or a regular purpose table. The table is equipped with backup power supply which allows the user to use it even when the electricity is gone. This has also an on-board multiplug for supplying power to the PC.  




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